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  Theodor Schwenk's Viscum Preparation in Clinical Use

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By: Hedwig Erasmy, M.D.
(English by A. R. Meuss, FIL. MTA.)

Fifty years ago, Theodor Schwenk developed a small apparatus for making a pharmaceutical mistletoe preparation according to directions given by R. Steiner. Winter and Summer mistletoe extracts are mixed and brought into a state of sensitive chaos that is no longer natural. As the Summer extract is added drop by drop to the Winter extract, circling and radial forces create a spiral movement, "so that a special structure is created even for the smallest circling movements. It is the actual healing principle of Viscum which then arises" (Steiner). The spiral movement is the secret principle of life, Steiner said, so two natural substances are combined to create a third. It is something living, a new etheric element. The same happens when the blood is etherized in the human heart and in the process combined with the Christ-filled earth ether. The freedom space created in the heart is also created in the mistletoe apparatus. Orientation from the cosmos must come into the process, in which sensitive chaos can continually arise. Theodor Schwenk deduced from these directions and from his experiments that this is a new etheric creation, an ether technique given by Steiner, and an esoteric path in medicine. Steiner gave many analogies: the earth rotating on its axis and thus being alive; the rainbow arising as something new, becoming a chalice seen from the other side in given situations; the sculptured columns at the Goetheanum where hollows were created in the wood to produce flowing forms that were to become the larynx of the gods; human organs in their genesis, with the heart a free space, "because natural functions are equal and opposite, canceling one another out" to achieve a state of balance as with a pair of scales. Summer and Winter extract are natural, like the earth's axis. And man provides the rotating motion, as the earth rotates. The cosmic dimension can be seen in the background. "A struggle will develop, science will address itself to the cosmic element - it will be the task of healing science to find the powers that are morning and evening powers out of Fishes and Virgin." (Steiner)

This is the healing circling motion, with the powers of the Double streaming through the noonday and midnight forces of Archer and Twins. Stirring biodynamic preparations brings powers of vitality into the soil. In the same way the mistletoe preparation produced by dropwise addition during rotation can be a genuine healing principle for the sick human being. Summer and Winter extracts are the Twins-Archer axis, like the earth's axis. What human beings add is the motion, here the healing rotation of Fishes-Virgin forces. First, it is nature, and then comes the dance of the Archangels, Raphael-Michael crossing Uriel-Gabriel. The mistletoe becomes the vehicle truly able to transfer the etheric principle to the human being (Steiner). Theodor Schwenk had this model before him all his life and in his work on flow studies. The manufacturing process and distribution to patients had to wait until 1974, for only then was a laboratory established in connection with my practice and Schwenk's Flow Research Institute. It was then possible to give the medicament to cancer patients who came, unasked, in ever-growing numbers. Manufacture became an esoteric way of taking things further in terms of the mantra given for medical students: "Healing spirits! You unite with the Sulfur blessing of the ether scent, you quicken in the Mercury dew drop." The human being answers: "I seek to unite what I know in my soul with the fire in the scent of the flower -1 seek to quicken the life of my soul in the glittering droplet" (R. Steiner). Winter and Summer extracts are fermented; they are scented like flowers - you see the beads spiraling in them as a new, sterile product arises. Human beings can only make the preparations, doing their part, however imperfect, and elemental spirits will help to make it a medicine. The preparation has been opened up for the cosmic order to enter and for the I to come in as a spiritual entity. This is also why manufacture needs to be done at a time when there are no conjunctions or oppositions, so that the I may have access. According to Theodor Schwenk, this is the only ether technique given by Steiner; and if we did not have it we would have to find it to counterbalance the destruction of the ether planes of earth and man.

1974 was the year genetic engineering came into being, and the powers of chaos were discovered. The Sagittarius-Gemini axis is the electromagnetic field of forces for the whole of technology on earth. Mistletoe has cytostatic properties. The above method of preparation makes it into a vehicle for the ether, however, that calls upon the I which is healthy to come into the sick body like a new blood vortex. It is not that the immune system is healed but the I comes in with its healing powers. These are completely new aspects. It is a matter of taking things further etherically.

The I takes part in shaping the processes that create the human being today, and it thus is the I that matters. The elemental spirits of birth and death have come from the hands of the gods into human hands, says Steiner. Human beings develop the external technology that will destroy the earth and thus have a hand in shaping their own form. They have to become able to have Imaginations for this, i.e. intervene in the creator process. This is the extratelluric, pre-conception atomizing process Rudolf Steiner referred to as the cause of cancer. A process of spiritual atomization becomes individual configuring capacity. A cosmic atomizing process enters with tremendous vehemence into human becoming, and into the organic form process. The whole creative choir of the zodiac comes into this, being encompassed by the I. These are the creative powers the I uses, working together with the hierarchies of the zodiac to enter into finiteness from infinity and create the body. The vehemence of these forces and their destructive powers become visible in cancer, when they may be said to have slipped from the I's control.

The process in which the human being is created goes as far as the development of bone and is active throughout life, increasingly coming under the I's control at the present time. Perfect balance may be lost, however, with the whole moving zodiac becoming eccentric and a catapult, human development having gone off the rails. Every organ then wants to be a whole human being and delimit itself from the interactive context. This is controlled Aquarius power. Embryonic generative powers from twelve sections of the cosmos take effect, their actions going off the rails and a tumor arising because we are taking a hand in the proceedings. "The human being is gaining freedom; he will even gradually gain freedom in creating his own form, but he must then be able to do something with his freedom. He must generate Imaginations that always act against deformation." This means he must enter into the process of becoming. In the age of Pisces we have come to the beginning, with humanity having come full circle, and must take an active part in the process of genesis, even in establishing the configuration. The Pisces verse - Steiner spoke of a Pisces myth - is therefore like an oracle presenting all the stages of cancer development.

The I is the driving force in the atomizing process. This is a tremendously vehement process in the creation of man, taking up all the creative powers of the cosmos as though in a vast vortex - the atomizing process - and letting the human form arise from this. It means that the spirit becomes individual in the I-configuration, and in the atomizing process becomes innumerable individual I's. The vortex has its greatest vehemence at the center with its negative pressure, and this is the human blood circulation. Where the spirit comes to an end in individualization in the human I, we have the hollow space in the vortex that becomes the Imagination of the whole human being in skeletal development, coming to rest there. The whole process can go off the rails at every pulse beat, as it were, because of the sheer power of these generative forces, so that the catastrophe of cancer arises.

It is like the gospel healing of the blind man. Who had sinned, he himself or his parents? No one had sinned, but the power of God was to be revealed. In cancer, the process of human genesis which is in the hands of the I shows itself in the wrong place. We have entered the arena where the I is advancing, bearing the body before it like a shield, and this is why we are attacked. You cannot ask a wounded soldier why he has been wounded. It is simply because he was a soldier on a battlefield. In the same way the individual human being is not at fault in developing cancer. He has come into the frontline in the human arena of our present time. How else can help be found but through the I, with one human being helping another, as an ambulance worker helps the wounded. This is the Red Cross concept. The medicament calls the healthy I of the sick individual into the sick body, so that it will unite with the sick body in the new way, taking the paths of destiny to their fulfillment. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are like positional warfare, where nothing happens any more.

Man alone can take physical matter to shape a living body for himself out of cosmic coldness - as ice develops when water freezes - and lack of understanding. "Hatred and coldness must be if the human being is to have a physical form." This gives rise above all to the skeleton. Everything in the cosmos that the I does not tame to make it part of the body, as when balance exists in the zodiac, becomes cancer. Someone who develops cancer and takes up the burden of the disease with his I enters into the skin of the dragon - the dragon being the zodiac unleashed - and redeems the disease from inside. That is the Manichaen principle. A tiny light shines in the darkness, and darkness becomes light. The I is always light, is always in the process of becoming.

If we physicians take our starting point in what we experience in cancer patients who have got into this catastrophic situation and we do not know how to bring order into the chaos, the light of Steiner's mistletoe preparation shines out as a true medicine for cancer. It is the true medicine in the hands of the I. We are now in the midst of the battle for the I on the human front. The combatant armies are the dance of the I's and the advance of the Double. We have taken a hand in this atomizing process, right down to the bones, working with the powers of nature. We must therefore work the way the hierarchies work: perceive what can be experienced and act in this sense. The atomizing process as the origin of cancer is a taking hold of the I, which is held in the sensitive balance of the ether human being. This is offered to the I in the specially-processed mistletoe medicine, a garment for the I, just as the blood is.

These are the Imaginations that can work against the pathological element. Mistletoe prepared in this way reproduces the tamed zodiac, the state of sensitive chaos, in which powers of resurrection are at work. If the I seeks to work in the wrong way on the creation of the human being, tumors develop because embryonic growth processes become independent, says Steiner. It is like an external catastrophe, e.g. excessive speed or a flood catastrophe. If the ether body comes to meet the I via the blood in the right way, we have a healing process, and this is what the mistletoe preparation does.

Embryonic growth forces go off the rails in tumor development because they act at the wrong time "'and in the wrong place. All the processes that create the human being act via the totality of the twelve creative powers of the zodiac, creating form via the senses and blood pathways, coming to an end in the human being, the crowning glory of creation. Future events are in preparation in the lymph channels, below the blood. These, however, are also the channels by which cancer spreads; it is the realm of the Double. In cancer, the process in which the human being is created from all twelve comers of the cosmic zodiac has gone off the rails, and we see the full vehemence of embryonic development, with spirit becoming body. This is the atomizing process, vortical vehemence which, like the human blood circulation, reflects the dynamics of the planets. In the precipitate vortical movement from Sun to Saturn we may come off the rails, with Moon dynamics creating the tumors. It means that the intact model of the I in our circulation - an inner sharing of the atomizing process - is configured in such a way that the I moves in the circulation like a vortex in planetary orbits, and the blood creates itself a tailored garment from those planetary forces, from expansion in the peripheral circulation, with the abundance of blood set in motion, to what happens when the blood is drawn into the right heart by negative pressure, dispersing into the lung from there, and from the lung, where it becomes fire substance endowed with oxygen, into the left heart, from where it emanates, dispersing into the arterial circulation. For a moment the heart is a hollow space in the vortex in the process. From the dispersing life of the arterial circulation - his is Saturn dynamic - the blood is newly created on the basis of Moon dynamics, the creative, productive activity of the Moon. This is the moment of danger that comes with every pulse beat. The mistletoe medicine is moved and mixed in the planetary dynamics, like the blood, offering the I an intact vehicle for entering into the diseased blood vortex. This is why it is so important that no turbulence is created but a special structure is given to even the smallest spiraling movement, for this is the actual medicinal principle.

Mistletoe as a creature of the old Moon is thus tamed to become a medicine. Its forms reveal its secrets. It presents as a sphere, but this collapses like a soap bubble because stems and leaf insertions are brittle, breaking up like a hexagonal snow crystal. The green leaflets are asymmetrical in size and insertion, so two spheres of different size are created as counter space. This is taken further in rotation to right and left, with rotation to the right having an ordering effect, like life ether made part of embryonic development, and rotation to the left an enhanced Moon action, a process of conscious awareness. The collapse of the spherical mistletoe form, creating an empty space, is the Mercurial element, and this is what matters.

An important Imagination for this preparation is the story of the Michael mystery in Chonae (Chonae means vortex). There Michael gathered the waters that were about to engulf a city with his lance, guiding them through a hole he made with his lance in the rock. Having gone through the rock the water is gathered in a spring and wells up as the source of life for a landscape where medicinal plants grow and human beings can live. Forces of nature are tamed by the spiral spear and give rise to new life.

Manufacturing the medicine is a ritual act, calling on the elemental spirits in the Christian sense, asking them to complete what human beings can only do up to a point. The experimenter works exactly like the cosmic periphery in this case, with the manufacturing process a service given to the elementals. The cosmos is brought in by involving the morning powers of Pisces and the evening powers of Virgo.

Preparing the medicine thus becomes a creative activity, a selfless act of taking things further. It is the task of the middle and of hygienic occultism, to actively enter into the tasks of the present time. Mistletoe itself has cytostatic properties, which is one aspect; to open up the action of the substance, so that cosmic order may come through the I, is the other. Powers of buoyancy, of resurrection come into play. This can only be germinal and must be practiced continually in the gaining of insight and through the moral aspect behind it for the human being acts on the sensitive chaos like a spiritual constellation.

Humanity is on the threshold and is asked to open up organs of soul. This takes human beings down deeper into matter, creating blind eyes and deaf ears - the tumors. When we introduce mistletoe substance into the human organism we actually introduce ether substance into the human being so that the I may take it up as power of buoyancy. This is the gospel story of Lake Bethesda. What matters is that the waters move. The angel moves them. I do not have anyone who can carry me there, said the lame man. The Christ said: "take your bed and walk." Take the force of gravity up into I-buoyancy, in the presence of the powers of resurrection; take your illness as a schooling path for the I. Then the way through life can be found, though the lame man initially did not know who had healed him. It was on the Shabbath. That is the present-day situation with medical legislation. But when he was on his way to the temple, he knew.

In conclusion, the words of Theodor Schwenk:
One simply must act, in the smallest circles, as at the end of Atlantis. But the relationship of earth to cosmos is continually maintained by the I's of patients. It is a source spring that must not be blocked. And every individual must take the moral initiative. Even now the medicine is the weapon the I has against the Double. If it is able to act unceasingly, it brings the will into humanity, through the I of the patient and is the counterweight to the massed attack from the adversary powers, fust as the wounded on the field of battle were saved thanks to the Red Cross impulse, letting humanity prevail, so does the impulse for revitalization come to humanity through the patients who are taken to the source spring by their illness, to take a sip of the water of life. Dew rains like manna in the desert down on the desert that Ahriman is making of the physical plane. The medicine is taken into humanity at large in potentized form through tlie individual I's of the patients.  We should let mistletoe rain down on cancer patients.  The desert grows green when plants take root in it.  It is no longer the time when cancer can be cured, but in this way the medicine las become Grail food.
Some case reports were given from a total of about 700 treated in the course of 22 years.
• A woman with stenosing cancer of the rectum in the terminal stage, with poor prognosis, having secondaries in the breast and tongue. It was possible to avoid the surgeon's knife, and she survived for 22 years.
• A physician in a disastrous terminal stage - metastasizing cancer of the stomach with high doses of pain killers and artificial feeding. It proved possible to get him completely pain-free for a further two months.
• A young man with Hodgkin's disease had a complete recovery in nine months. He had been said to be terminal and hopeless, having had all the chemotherapy and radiotherapy possible.

It is evident from the above that the preparation cannot he put on the market and is not competitive, being an esoteric stream in which processes of human genesis counter cell growth processes. Every patient then becomes a new vein of life in the destroyed ether planes, just as people have to grow old today because the earth needs their ether forces.

Eurythmy therapy was given concurrently from the beginning. A eurythmy therapy outpatient unit was established for the cancer patients because the newly-developed ether forces can be exercised in eurythmy therapy.

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