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  Book Review: School As A Journey

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By: Bertram von Zabern, M.D.
pg. 95.doc

Book Review School As A Journey, by Torin Finser (Anthroposophic Press). 

To read Torin Finser's story of going with his Waldorf class through the first eight years is a privilege - not reserved only for teachers and parents. The author's frank and colorful style makes it easy to enter the passage through outer and inner events that build the glow of a Waldorf school. He subtly addresses the healing quality of the curriculum in details such as the loving observation of the children's characteristics, dealing with times of crisis, and his description of inner growth year by year. I am impressed by the suggestion of much biographical material in this book, no doubt of interest to guidance counselors as well as to teachers. School As A Journey is an important reading for physicians and health professionals who are trying to gain more insight into the healing life of Waldorf education.

Bertram von Zabern, M.D. 43 Colburn Road Wilton, NH 03086

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