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  Anthroposophic Medicine in Moscow

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By: Hans Werner, M.D.
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In the early 1980's a small group of medical students, pharmacists and biologists met in Moscow to lay the foundation for the development of anthroposophic medical work there. We also began to give courses for parents on childhood diseases and how to treat them as well as on how to apply compresses and give medicated rubs. There was at the time no likelihood of these activities opened to a wider public, but the demise of the Soviet Union, which resulted in greater mobility, has opened the door to new anthroposophic initiatives in Russia. In the medical sphere a start is being made not only in Moscow but also St Petersburg, Kirov and Rostov. There are also initiatives in Ukraine, Byelorussia, the Baltic states, Georgia, Armenia and Kirgizia. Since 1991 it has been possible to hold two one-week seminars for physicians each year. Invitations went out to interested physicians all over Russia, and be- tween 70 and 120 attended, including a few nurses and curative teachers.

We have been introducing participants in these seminars to the anthroposophic image of the human being, to pathology and to our view of substances. In pharmacology the emphasis has so far been on the metals.

Last year we also embarked on the discussion of physiology and the treatment of organs. Time has been allocated in each of these seminars for a discussion of cancer and its treatment. Two or three patients were presented and the practical exercises done in taking pathology through to therapy.

In the afternoons an introduction to art therapies (eurythmy, painting and modeling) was given. Moscow physicians are increasingly attending the patient presentations and lectures. All participants show a high degree of interest in the conversations. It is remarkable that 40 percent of the participants at the seventh meeting in Moscow had participated in all 7 meetings - a sign that slowly and modestly a foundation is being laid for the dissemination of anthroposophic medicine.

Ten-day conferences on education and medicine have been held in Kirov for some years. Anthroposophic medicine has been presented at a number of international and national congresses for homeopathy and natural medicine.

The Weleda in Moscow is now 4 years old, and there are two other initiatives aimed at the production of anthroposophic medicines: Pick & Co. and Archaeus & Co. It is hoped that these three pharmaceutical firms will find ways of working together that will benefit the overall development of anthroposophic medicine.

In January 1995, the Anthroposophic Medical Association in Russia was founded. Members of any anthroposophic medical initiative in the country can and should join this Association. There can be cooperative arrangements with nursing, art therapy and curative education.

Anthroposophic medical journal in Russia

The first issue of a Russian medical journal is due to appear shortly. Apart from various inaugural statements it will include the following papers:

- What is the being and nature of Anthroposophy?

- Homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine

- The anthroposophic view of cardiac auscultation

- Mistletoe constituents and cancer - Osteoporosis - pathogenesis and treatment

- Rudolf Steiner's indications on massage

It is gratifying to observe the increasing liveliness and progress of anthroposophic medicine in Russia as evident from the regular seminars in Kirov and Moscow, the work of the pharmaceutical firms, the founding of the Anthroposophic Medical Association, the efforts to launch me journal, and the development of many small medical groups in various parts of Russia.

Russia is in a state of chaos, and no one can tell what direction politics and the economy will finally take. For us, the most important thiing (so long as this is still possible) is to sow seeds that will germinate in the distant future when they may contribute to the growth of spirituality in our country. One of the great dangers at the moment is that retarding esoteric streams may gain a footing here and spread.

Hans Werner, M.D.

Forststrasse 15

D-75223 Niefem-Oeschelbronn


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