A comment on "Attention Deficit Disorder from an Anthroposophical Point of View"

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By: Barbara Massag
In response to the article "Attention Deficit Disorder from an Anthroposophical Point of View" by Walter Pohl in the issue of 4/ 2002

To the Editor:

By way of further background on this issue, and to encourage further study, I would like to submit a quote from a lecture by Rudolf Steiner ("Contradictions in the Development of Humanity", GA 197, lecture 10 of Nov. 14, 1920, Stuttgart ) in which hyperactive children are specifically mentioned. The following is a composite quotation from several pages of text.

...The effect of external technology on the will is something that will rise up again as a kind of a reaction. ... And human beings will arise—they will be seen in the coming generations—who will have the sense: "I do not know what a human being is, or what I am myself." Melancholy and hypochondria will descend upon the souls of the coming generations. Those teaching in schools will be able to notice it in the classroom as a mood of the times. ... Today we look upon nature devoid of humanity; we come to a stop before the human being. This will produce the great psychological distress of the coming decades. This distress is a positive force, and born out of this positive force the capacity will arise to perceive the (etheric) Christ. ... And longing in deepest deprivation, the children that we will have in school in the coming years and decades will begin to manifest an indefinite but very real fear of life, which will express itself in anxiety. It will express itself in fidgetiness, in nervousness—I mean this tangibly. ... There is no other cure for this nervousness, which will inevitably make itself felt in the generation now growing up. As the preparation for the Christ event. ...

Barbara Massag
Obere Seestraße 17
D-88085 Langenargen

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