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  Manufacture of Viscum Preparations and the Centrifuging Process

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By: G. Meinhardt, M. D.

Independent of all known statements concerning the rotational speed of the centrifuge used to produce rotated Viscum preparations (cf. Misteltherapie. Eine Antwort auf die Herausforderung Krebs [Mistletoe therapy. A response to the cancer challenge] by R. Leroi. Freies Geistesleben) a different aspect is presented below.

In her book Van Intervallen, Ton-leitem, Toenen und dem Kammerton c = 128 Hz (on intervals, scales, notes and the pitch C = 128 Hz), Mrs Maria Reynold quotes two verbal communications from Rudolf Steiner: "The first, given to the singer Werbeck-Svaerdstroem (communicated by Nanda Knauer), was: "The human inner ear is designed for C = 128 Hz; the human middle ear vibrates at C = 128 Hz.' The 2nd statement, communicated by Mary Wilbers from Holland, is similar: "The human organ of Corti is designed for C = 128 Hz.'"

This may be considered in relation to the passage from GA 312, lecture of 3 April 1920, which is familiar to us as physicians:"... All the powers that develop the human ear go in the same direction as the powers that ultimately, if let go too far, if they go too far, result in the development of internal tumors. For the fact that we have an ear formed as an internal organ is due to a process which is kept normal if the power to develop tumors is stopped in the right place." The question then arises if by "embodying" a wavelength belonging to the healthy ear in the Viscum preparation we give it a quality which may prevent the organism from continuing neoplastic development when the medicament is used. Normalization means to stimulate the healthy ear development process!

Centrifuges are now capable of running at 10,000 rpm and are easily set to run at 7680 (128 x 60) rpm for centrifuging the winter extract.

Would it also be possible to use a velocity corresponding to the typical "ear" wavelength for the rate at which the drops of summer extract enter into the winter extract?
G.Meinhardt, MD Heinrichstr. 6 D-89077Ulm Germany

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