Ferrum Phosphoricum (Infludoron) Study

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By: Claudia Rother

A summary of the results of a prospective observational study Efficacy and tolerance of the anthroposophical remedy Ferrum phosphoricum comp. for beginning and advanced common cold is attached as a pdf-file. The full text in German can be found in Der Merkurstab issue of September-October 2007.

Infludoron summary_Merkurstab_2007.pdf

In the U.S., Ferrum Phos is available as Infludoron pellets, by prescription only from Weleda Pharmacy (tel. 800-241-1030). Active ingredients: Aconitum napellus (M) 1X 0.1g, Bryonia (M) 1X 0.6g, Eucalyptus globulus 1X 0.5g, Eupatorium perfoliatum (N) 1X 0.4g, Ferrum phosphoricum 6X 1g, Sabadilla 1X 0.1g.


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