Supportive Care in Pancreatic Carcinoma UICC Stages I-IV Patients treated with Iscador

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By: Heusser MD, MME, Matthes MD, Friedel MD, Bock MD

Supportive Care in Pancreatic Carcinoma UICC Stages I-IV Patients Treated with Fermedted Mistletoe (Viscum Album L.) Extract

P. Heusser MD, MME, H. Matthes MD, W.E. Friedel MD, P.R. Bock MD

A multicenter epidemiological observational cohort study on 396 (201 Iscador and 195 control) evaluable patients from 17 centers. In comparison to a parallel control group, the Iscador group showed significantly fewer ADRs of the conventional therapies, fewer disease and therapy-related symptoms and longer overall survival. The Iscador treatment was well tolerated and appears beneficial in the supportive care pf patients with pancreatic carcinoma.


Note: this poster was presented at the 2007 SIO Conference in S.F. by Dr. Peter Heusser, former Head of the Lukas Klinik, Arlesheim, Switzerland; and was reviewed during the panel session at the closing of the conference.

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