Nurturing the Warmth Within: Therapeutic Treatment and Lymph Stimulation

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By: Irina Segal
Dr. Hauschka skin care certified estheticians receive comprehensive and practical training in the unique Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Treatment. Through exploring the interrelationship between the human being, the skin and the plants, the esthetician can begin to understand the vital role skin plays in our health and the true meaning of holistic skin care.

There is only one Temple in the world and that is the human body. There is noth­ing more sacred than this higher form.  — Novalis

As the earth circles around the sun, the length of daylight changes. In win­ter, when it is cold and dark, we feel an instinctive need to turn within to achieve balance, to focus on our inner light and inner warmth. One of the most pleas­ant, relaxing and fragrant ways to do it is to receive an authentic Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment. This therapeutic fa­cial goes beyond pampering. Developed from an awareness that the human be­ing is an interweaving of body, soul and spirit, this treatment offers a unique therapy for the whole person.

The treatment begins with a warm sage foot soak that quickly draws the cli­ent out of the busy head and has a grounding and calming effect. It is im­portant to soothe the feet before the head-centered treatment can begin. The sage essential oil and heat help pull en­ergy down and calm the thinking pro­cess by releasing tension in the head. A sage bath also gently stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow. Once the feet are comfortably positioned, I begin by gently stroking my client's head and hair. Cradling the head, I slowly roll the neck, lightly stretching the muscles. Then I rhythmically stretch arms and shoulders and tuck the client in. Relax­ation is a special element of the treat­ment because it encourages deep breath­ing, promoting a healthy complexion. Once the client has been relaxed from head to toe, a cozy feeling takes hold, and I can begin the cleansing process.

Warm lavender compresses are ap­plied to the face and upper chest. With lavender's ability to instantly calm, this is the favorite part for many. At this stage the skin is cleansed with Cleansing Milk or Cleansing Cream. Toning completes the cleansing process, as it strengthens connective tissues and purifies.

One of the most unique aspects of the Dr. Hauschka cleansing products is that they strengthen and stimulate the skin while cleansing, and they leave the skin's protective layer (the "acid mantle") intact. If the cleansing prod­uct leaves your skin squeaky clean, do not use it; it will strip your skin of its protective shield, making it prone to infection and aging.

Steaming with healing herbs such as echinacea, English daisy and nastur­tium loosens impurities, clears sinuses, softens and opens up the pores. Upon completion of the steaming, extractions are performed, followed by the applica­tion of the cool creamy layer of the Cleansing Clay Mask (a healing earth clay enhanced with Indian cress and witch hazel. Depending on skin condi­tion, a number of ingredients can be added to this mask or a different mask can be used instead).

The unique lymph stimulation is considered the heart of the Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment. This is a hygienic technique, which harmonizes the lymphatic system, rather than a medical treatment like lymphatic drain­age.

The lymph system has capillaries which originate in all connective tissue. Their function is to remove water, meta­bolic waste and pathogens from the fluid between cells. Lymph stimulation pro­motes cleansing and strengthens elastic fibers in the connective tissue. This method enlivens the entire being as there is a correspondence between areas of the face and systems of the body. The fore­head and eyes relate to the Nerve-Sense System (head, nerves and senses), the nasal area and upper cheek to the Rhythmic System (heart and lungs) and the lower cheek and chin to the Metabolic-Limb System (metabolism and move­ment).

Lymph stimulation is performed with a refined, gentle and rhythmical movement over the entire face progressing from the forehead down toward the chin using two silky soft cosmetic brushes. This light handed movement is done ideally in a quiet space away from the commotion of the outside world. The pro­cess stimulates and supports the living, rhythmical flow of the lymph. The power of gentle rhythms brings on a glowing, pleasantly aromatic skin and a refreshed feeling. This serene massage is brought to conclusion with the application of spe­cial ampules containing rhythmitized substances (the choice of the ampule will depend on individual needs).

In the final stage of the treatment the nourishing mask is applied, delighting and further healing the skin. The upper chest, shoulders and neck are massaged with an aromatic oil chosen according to the client's needs. Warm Lemon compresses followed by the cool ones are used to remove the mask and to help the client transition from the quiet warm inwardness into the centered activity of the outer world.

IRINA SEGAL is a Licensed and Certified Dr. Hauschka Thera­pist with a private practice in Los Angeles. Email:


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