Michaela Gloeckler, M.D. Answers Questions

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By: Michaela Gloeckler, M.D.

On a recent trip to the US, Dr. Gloeckler took time to answer some questions from LILIPOH publisher, Claus Sproll.

CS: How do you see the concept of Salutogenesis finding its way into the hearts and minds of people in America?

MG: Salutogenesis is the principle of health as the focus of medicine rather than pathogenesis, which is a focus on illness. The term was first used by Aaron Antonovsky in 1979 and is finding a growing following in Europe. It should be of great interest in America, where the pursuit of happiness/wellness is so cherished. Salutogenesis is a far-reaching new idea, addressing the maintenance and improvement of physical, mental and social health. Many people recognize that a revitalized open democratic structure is needed for social health in the future. However, for that to happen, a conceptual framework for a wellness philosophy based on the spirit as well as the physical and emotional aspects should be developed. Education is a key element in this, and the first step is discussing the simple question, "What is health?"

CS: How can we work with the many different healing streams?

MG: LILIPOH can encourage groups concerned with earth health, human health, animal health, and plant health to take up and develop the positive ideas basic to Salutogenesis together with members of the anthroposophical therapeutic community. Activities arising out of such partnerships can strengthen and celebrate the various streams.

CS: What are the greatest problems right now in facing issues of health and illness?

MG: Apathy and helplessness which lead to inactivity. Many people feel they are not in control of their own biography (self-determination). We can strengthen our collective will by joining with others, working together to learn new solutions to health and well-being. Everyone has something special to offer the world. When a person feels needed and supported health arises. This alone is a first basis of Salutogenesis.

CS: Thank you !

MICHAELA GLOECKLER, M.D. has been Head of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, the School of Spiritual Sci­ence in Dornach, Switzerlandsince 1988. She coauthored A Guide to Child Health, Floris Books.

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