Illness and Health

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By: Annette Bopp, Dr. Jurgen Schurholz

The pendulum of life swings us back and forth between illness and health, which is why anthroposophic doctors always examine both aspects together. Health is produced when the polar extremes of life are held in dynamic balance: waking and sleeping, stillness and movement, joy and sorrow. It results from actively searching out and choosing the path we as individuals take into the world and back into ourselves. There are therefore as many healthy states as there are people in the world. Health is not an end in itself; it simply helps us make the most of our personal and social lives. Anthroposophic doctors do not just treat illness; they also strive to promote the health of the individual, strengthening the patient's own resolve to remain healthy.

Excerpted with permission from Anthroposophic Medicine: Its Nature, Its Aims, Its Possibilities, Annette Bopp, Hamburg and Dr. Jurgen Schurholz, Filderstadt (Germany), published by the Medical Section, School of Spiritual Science, Goetheanum, Dornach, Swit¬≠zerland. 

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