The Doctor Speaks: Allergies and Cats

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By: Henry N. Williams, M.D.

QUESTION: I love cats and previously owned one, but then discovered I was allergic to it. Is there anything I can do?

ANSWER: There are several things one can do to try to reduce one's allergy to household pets. First, excluding them from the bedroom, especially the bed, is a start. Several manufacturers of homeopathic prod­ucts can supply preparations made from cat hair or cat dander in potencies of 6X or 12X which have been found to further reduce the sensitivity. Several homeopathic pharmacies will prepare an attenuation from a specific house pet's hair which should work even better. Histamine 12X has been used successfully by patients who were allergic to several environmental substances.

Depending upon the symptoms, "Gencydo" Weleda nose drops reduce the sensitivity of the nasal passages to allergens in the atmosphere. Gencydo by injec­tion can have a more rapid and general benefit to the allergic individual. (Also see page 9 for information on Gencydo).

QUESTION: I am dust-allergic, especially in the fall when the heat is turned on. My eyes water and I start coughing. How does one become allergic and is there anything I can take?

ANSWER: One becomes allergic because the barrier that our immune system makes between our body and the environment is crossed by something from the outside world. If it is dust then you can obtain from a homeopathic pharmacy an attenua­tion of "House Dust" (actually includes the dust mite) in a 6X or higher potency. This could be taken at the first symptoms of your dust allergy (one tablet every 2 or 3 hours) or in anticipation the day before the heat is turned on.

QUESTION : What is the anthroposophical remedy used when experiencing an acute allergic asthma attack? Is there something to replace Ventalin? Is it different for adults and children?

ANSWER: Anthroposophically extended medicine embraces all medical and therapeutic approaches. In acute asthma most physicians would use an injection of Adrenalin. Many physicians would then try to determine what set off the acute asthma and suggest prevention by staying away from that situation or substance. There are twenty anthroposophical remedies listed for the treatment of asthma, and an experienced physician should be consulted in view of the specific situation and the age and individual needs of the patient. If Ventalin works one would hesitate to try substituting another drug. With twenty anthroposophically suggested medicines only an experienced physician would be able to guide you to the right one and its dosage.

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