Heart: The Core of Being

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By: Anna Lups, M.D.

Excerpt of speech given at the Psychosophy Conference in Copake, NY, February 2000.


How do we recognize strong heart forces in people? Look around your circle of family and friends. Can you discern, behind all hindrances, that absolutely radiant smile, like sunshine breaking through a cloud? Heart people are people you want to hang out with. They measure words, they are truthful, courageous, and stand behind their convictions. They are believers, even sometimes gullible, because they know that with the heart everything is possible.

The heart is an evolving organ. It is the seat and home of the divine, housing the intention of the gods from the first beginnings, and their intentions now and into the future.

How then can we describe this complex instrument through which change and metamorphosis can occur?

The heart receives two streams of blood, one saturated with oxygen and the other low in oxygen. In its action of contraction and expansion it creates a negative space, and through systole and diastole creates an ever moving, always renewing, positive relation­ship between point and periphery that embraces the whole human being.

Two Streams of Blood
Imagine two streams passing each other by, yet not influenc­ing each other. The Gulf Stream is such an example of warm water flowing, intact, northwards through the cold waters of the Atlantic. In the heart, this duality exists so that a continuous conversation (interaction) can ensue between the blood from the body below (blue) and the blood from the lungs (red); a conversation between the self (blue) and the world (red). Then imagine the ego (yellow) inserting itself between the two streams. If ego loses itself too much in the blue, there is too much green. If the ego loses itself in the red there is too much orange. Green represents too much self, orange too much world. Ideally the ego stands, in active balanced interplay, between the two streams of blood, bridging the two worlds; the inner and the outer, with its own light-bearing capacity, radiating and receiving. In the heart and through the heart the strengthen­ing of the ego organization takes place.

Negative Space
In the heart a negative space truly exists. Most amazingly, after the push of fluid out of the ventricle during systole, the relaxing heart muscle creates a suction. Demonstrate this to yourself by pressing the two palms of your hands together at a ninety degree angle. First squeeze out all the air, then relax your hands and you will feel the surrounding air rush into this space. This is not the action of a pump.

It is the activity of creating a vacuum so that the blood can flow to the center. For those of us who work with this movement it be­comes obvious that it is not a chaotic tumbling into the space created, but an elegant, accurate, spiral formation, always three dimensional: up­wards/forward, sideways/turning, backwards/outwards. The existence of negative space (we cannot think it, because in our attempt to do so it becomes positive) can be felt. I feel it in the moment of recognition of the other person in me, experienced as a suction of the world to me. I feel it in love and joy, thankfulness and hope. The `I am nothing' becomes the `I am.' For those of us not being able to comprehend this negative space and its resolution, the world is dark and bleak. Negative space creates a pos­sibility for blood to expand beyond the physi­cal; and the ego, living in the blood, can expe­rience this largesse as a feeling of warmth.

Systole and Diastole
This brings us to another step in the evolution of the heart; i.e., its capacity to oversee the interplay between expansion and contraction. Here the heart becomes the center of the blood universe that has its periphery in the capillary system. In each cell the blood carries information from the periphery to the center where the heart-eye sees and the heart-ear hears.

This is what we need to consider spiritu­ally when we experience the functioning heart. The lemniscate (figure eight) flow symbolizes the three principles in nature so carefully, ten­derly worked out by the divine spirits, our cre­ating gods. It stands for the three in one: what is below, what is above, and what is rhythmic movement between the two polarities, flowing to the middle and dispersing towards the pe­riphery, not static but ever altering, modifying and renewing. This capacity for creative re­newing and refining of our heart/blood pre­supposes everything that has to do with future development and, eventually, with the heart becoming the dwelling place fit for a god.

The Heart as Healer
As a physician I have met many human beings, young, old, sick and not so sick. The most rewarding aspect has always beep the unexpected turn of events, when miracles occurred. But I have also experienced when a soul attitude has prevented healing. We must accept that it is the heart that heals. No mat­ter what the illness, chronic or acute, inflam­matory or sclerotic, if heart forces can be re­newed, healing can take place. So, what can we do to guide our patients in changing the attitude of the heart as a healing process?

By introducing the concept of spiritual truth, spiritual humility, spiritual obedience we can change the attitude in the will of the patient. Obedience for many of us is an un­tenable proposition. Voices inside of us say: "Why me?" "I will not submit!" "How do you know what is right for me?" Those are voices that attack us and prevent healing. Mind you, obedience does not mean passiv­ity. You become obedient to the process that you yourself have chosen. When we as thera­pists can do this for our patients, we heal ourselves of pride and heal the other. The patient and we are not opposing streams. We must become one and the patient must come to know that.

Goethe, in the beginning of the 19th century says, "The eye was made by the light for the light." We must become totally eye for the ego to see the world in truth. But the true eye of the human is the heart. To be able to truly penetrate the world, the original light of the heart must again be made conscious.

Two thousand years ago John the Areopagite wrote:

In the beginning, was the Word
And the Word was with God
And the Word was God
He was in the Beginning with God
What existed was life in him
And the life was the light of mankind.
And the light shines in the darkness
But the darkness saw it not.

Together we must start to change the ending of the verse of John:

...And the light shines in the darkness
And through our heart.


Anna Lups, M.D. has a family practice in Hudson, NY


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