Myofunctional Therapy

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By: Susemarie Swenson

Myofunctional Therapy consists of specially designed exercises to correct orofacial muscle imbalance and the in­correct swallow or "tongue thrust." The inability to swallow pills and to properly chew and to swallow foods without liquids reflects some of the problems that can arise from this con­dition. The most common problem is pain in the temporomandibular joint area. This pain radiates all over the head and neck.

Some other symptoms which re­quire the need for Myofunctional Therapy are thumb sucking or other sucking habits, aerophagia (swallow­ing of air), globus hystericus (lump in the throat), mouth breathing, speech defects, and malocclusion.

Parents should be aware that when these problems are caught at an early age, they can be treated properly. And the child can lead a healthier life.


Susemarie Swenson is Director of the American Myofunctional Therapy Center, Bergenfield, M.J. (201) 385-6020

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