First Aid for Indigestion

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By: Elizabeth Renkert, M.D.

"The true cause of ill health, disease or constitutional infirmity, is disharmony, i.e. some infraction of nature's laws on some plane or other, either in this or a previous life, which the universal spirit of harmony seeks to adjust by getting rid of the discordant element. This can only be got rid of by being thrown downward and outward, by being precipitated, as the chemist would say, into the physical plane and then filtered out of the nature, for the true seat of disease is in the mind. "

- ALAN LEO, How to Judge a Nativity, 1917


Prepared by Weleda, Thanks to our consultants, Elizabeth Renkert, M.D., Dr Olaf Koob, and Mary Carmichael, of Home Care Essentials, who contributed to these suggestions.


Stomach Cramps- A chamomile compress:


Equipment: Boiling water, chamomile flowers, strainer, silk cotton wrap, wring­ing towel, bowl, wool wrap, fork, wool blanket.

Contraindicaions: Do not use when there is a fever or infection in any other place other than the belly.

Put a handful of chamomile in the strainer. Roll the silk wrap from both ends and place it in the bowl.
Pour boiling water over the chamomile into the bowl with the wrap.
Take the wrap out with a fork and put into the wringing cloth. Wring until dry. • Patient should lie on the wool wrap. Apply the chamomile wrap as tolerated, but do not burn.
Start at the back and unroll the wrap as you move around to the sides and the front.
Quickly cover with the wool wrap and then the wool blanket. Be sure that none of the hot wrap is exposed to the air.
Leave on for 15 minutes. You may then remove the entire wrap or just the wet wrap.

Stomach Upsets - fennel tea, and a hot water bottle. Also fresh ginger, squeezed out in a garlic press and added to ginger ale for nausea and getting rid of bubbles.

Stomach Flu - Homeopathic saba­dilla is effective.

Intestinal Parasites - garlic boiled in milk (ugh) is effective.

Gas in the lower intestine - Carbo betulae tablets D3 (birch charcoal tab­lets).

Vomiting - cold black tea. If you drink it hot it stirs up further distress. Drink it sip by sip.

Travel Sickness - Nux vomica for nausea.

Gall Bladder Distress - Peppermint tea: a small amount. Do not drink too much because it can be aggressive.

Bladder Infection - Horsetail tea and hot foot baths .

Acute Diarrhea - Eat boiled car­rots, white apple sauce, or blueberries.

Note: The body casts out as diar­rhea a substance it rejects. This is the body's own healing method and should not be suppressed. However it can be guided and detoxified.

Please Note: these remedies are suggestions for first aid use only. All illnesses should be treated in conjunction with your physician.

Weleda medicines support digestion
We have more and more individual food sensitivities, or allergies. To alle­viate these, the entire organism needs strengthening.

Choleodoron (Rx) stimulates gall formation and secretion. Chelidonium and Curcuma are the active healing plants ingredients.

Melissengeist. Combines alcohol destillates of various healing herbs and spices, for nausea and stomach pains.

Pinella Herb Tea: Contains the bit­ters, resins and etheric oils of various healing herbs. Used for every kind of stomach upsets.

Amara Drops: composed of healing herbs for functional disturbances such as lack of appetite, feeling of fullness, nau­sea and weak digestion.

Carvon: active components are cara­way oil and birch charcoal. Used for gas, cramps and digestive disturbances.

Also take Gelsemium 4-6X, 5-10 drops several times a day.

Digestive weaknesses are often bal­anced over time with the "Type-remedy" Digestodoron (Rx), which stimulates metabolic activity.

For more information call Weleda, (800) 241-1030.

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