Therapeutic Eurythmy

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By: Anne Cook

ATHENA, the Association of Therapeutic Eurythmists in North America, is a professional association including approximately 75 therapeutic eurythmists. Our activities include communication, publicity, education, mentoring, certification, research and the maintenance of archives. There are a number of established trainings in Europe requiring about seven years, as well as a new training in New York State. ATHENA is an interest group of the Anthroposophical Society in America, and we work actively with the Medical Section in North America and in Dornach, Switzerland. We share many members with the Eurythmy Association of North America and the Artemisia Association for the Anthroposophical Renewal of Healing, with whom we also have financial ties.

Eurythmy means "harmonious rhythm," the art of "visible speech and song" created by Rudolf Steiner in 1912. It gives expression to the silent gestures that underlie the sounds of speech and music, bringing them first into an inner soul movement, and then, simultaneously, into outer physical movement. Eurythmy forms a language that integrates sound and gesture in a seamless whole, drawing the intricacies of human anatomy and spirit into harmony with the world.

Therapeutic eurythmy can effect a profound change when the human organism tends in the direction of imbalance and illness. Gestures which simulate the environment by imitating its shapes, contours and textures, are the consonants, whereas vowels express one's inner, or soul, response. The gestures are intensified and repeated in order to stimulate specific organic functions.

Therapeutic eurythmy is an active therapy, which allows one to take part consciously in the process of becoming healthier and more balanced, achieving a true healing and not merely a cessation of symptoms. Close collaboration between a physician and the therapist is essential, and consulting with a physician trained in anthroposophically-extended medicine is recommended as a first step, planning specific exercises for each individual together. Therapeutic eurythmy is prescribed for chronic, developmental, structural and organic weaknesses. It is not used in acute or inflammatory cases.

Therapeutic eurythmy has extended into schools, clinics, hospitals, and homes for the handicapped. Its practical applications for both children and adults in the physical, emotional and mental health realms have been developed and tested in thousands of cases.

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