Mistletoe Therapy Found to be Effective for Treatment of Cancer

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By: Unknown Author

A major 30-year-long study, with more than 35,000 participants, reports that mistletoe extract (Iscador) greatly improves survival rate for a wide variety of cancers, including breast cancer. Participants augmenting conventional therapy with mistletoe extract survived 40% longer than those who didn't use the plant therapy. "This is a far-reaching, landmark study with significant results," says David Riley, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, the leading peer-reviewed journal on complementary and alternative medicine, in its May, 2001 article. "There is mounting basic science and clinical evidence for the efficacy of mistletoe," says Dr. Riley. "It is the most commonly used cancer drug in Germany today."

The study, Viscum Album in Cancer Treatment: A Systematic Epidemiology Investigation, matched more than 300 pairs of participants who had a similar type and stage of disease. One group took mistletoe extract in addition to conventional treatment; the other group took conventional treatment alone. After comparing the length of survival, the study concluded that participants who added mistletoe extract to their treatment lived 40% longer than those who did not.

"This type of high-quality, scientifically rigorous long-term study is costly and difficult, so this information is particularly valuable," says Dr. Riley.

Alternative Therapies will make study authors and other experts available for interviews. Contact: Sheldon Lewis, Inner Doorway, 646-336-1919.

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