The Breathing Skin

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By: Charles Bernaert, N.D.

We already know that the skin is intimately connected with all bodily organs. A striking example is its close relationship to the lungs. The lungs breathe and so does the skin. Skin and lungs are affected by emotions; they communicate with the inner and the outer physical world.

Sometimes, if we suppress eczema, we activate asthma. Then, when we 'cure' the asthma, eczema may return. Asthma patients don't lack air—their lungs are full of it; but because their alveoli are constricted they cannot expel it. Using the analogy of a church organ, if the air is not expelled it cannot play, and if you hold your breath you cannot sing.

Asthma often begins when children are emotionally smothered, or when people are not allowed to freely express their emotions. In sudden changes of life circumstance, fear can sometimes trigger an asthma attack. If we fall into cold water, what do we do? We hold our breath. When a life situation that we cannot handle comes too close we hold our breath; we hold—protect—our emotions, and it causes an asthma attack. Breathing is an act of intimacy with the immediate surrounding world. An asthma attack is actually a cry for help–I'm stuck, I'm not able to express my feelings and emotions.

Often what is diagnosed as asthma seems to be bronchial asthma caused by a chronic post-nasal drip. Many children I see that were diagnosed with asthma and put on steroids actually suffer from post-nasal drip caused by air pollution. In order to treat this condition we treat the sinuses homeo­pathically, and the condition will usually clear up. From my many years of experience with these conditions, I have been able to formulate some very effective remedies such as Sinus Complex, supported by Respiratory Complex and Lymphatic. When heavy wheezing appears, Asthma Complex is indicated. In cases of yellow or green nasal secretion, use Infection Complex is used.

The skin is a sensor that reacts to emotions and to touch by contracting and relaxing through the pores and the delicate peripheral blood vessels. That is actually where we control our body warmth, by closing or opening pores. Using a loofah, or better still, a Finnish sauna, activates the function of the skin.

Healthy people have an energy field of about three to four feet around them. When we meet another person we are intimate within that radius. The way you feel in your skin as a person will affect this mingling. If you feel beautiful or loved, the skin is relaxed and radiates; when a negative energy enters the force field, then we feel uncomfortable.

Touching the skin is an act of intimacy. If I shake your hand, we are intimate because the energy flows. The Chinese, if they want to hold back, cross their arms and bow for respect. The Russian "bear hug" is a remnant of times when a person could tell if you were a good person simply by embracing. Thus, it is so important for babies to have loving physical contact with their family. Children that are not held and hugged will later resist allowing anyone into their space.

Allowing the skin to breathe gives a sense of freedom. It needs contact with the elements. Walking on the beach, your skin in touch with sun and wind, is a fantastic feeling. The breathing skin is a tremendous exit for toxins or chemicals, some of which cannot leave the body via the bowels and urinary tract. If this principle is not clear, a physician might prescribe an ointment that suppresses the toxin back into the system. This is a similar process to carbon dioxide that is not fully expelled from the lungs in asthma.

Perspiration assists the elimination of toxins through the skin. Antiperspirants suppress this function, diverting those toxins within the body, for example, to the kidney. Odor is associated with our physiology, and generally people who are healthy do not smell badly; their odor is only individually different. We relate to some smells and not to others of course, just as we relate to some flowers more than others. This discernment can help us find the right applications to enhance the beauty and the health of the skin, and which will allow it to breathe.

Dr. Bernaert's homeopathic combination remedy, Nova Asthma Complex, for general asthma, is now part of a collection of representative alternative medicines gathered by the Department of Health and Human Services in the National Library of Medicine. For more information call Nova Homeopathic Natural Remedies, (800) 225-8094.

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