Considerations of Dental Changes During Pregnancy

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By: Nina Mihaychuk, D.M.D.

The wonderful changes taking place in pregnancy can predispose a woman to various conditions of the teeth and gums. The shifting relation­ship of her ego, astral-emotional body, and etheric-life body to her physical body can produce a greater sensitivity of the teeth, and a stronger inflammatory re­sponse in the gums. This is especially due to a greater penetration and vitaliza­tion in the head region by the etheric-life body in response to its increased inde­pendent activity in the lower abdomen.

To prevent the possible negative ef­fects of these changes, a pregnant woman must maintain excellent oral hygiene. Ideally, a thorough cleaning and scaling of any hard deposits on the teeth (called calculus or tartar) before pregnancy is best. Afterwards, proper brushing and flossing habits are essential.

Pregnancy gingivitis is a common heightened inflammatory response to lo­cal irritants such as plaque (the bacterial film that constantly reforms on the teeth.) It is characterized by red, swollen gums and can be quite painful. Once it occurs it can be resolved by removing local ir­ritants, then applying soothing agents to the gums such as Ratanhia comp (Weleda) or Antimonite/Oleum Rose Comp liquid or gel (Wala). These liquids can be dabbed on the gum margins with a cotton swab, and the gel can be gently massaged into the gums several times a day until the condition is alleviated. In cases of severe local irritation around an individual tooth, a dentist can cauterize the tissues on that spot with silver or zinc salts precipitated with Eugenol. Gums can be strengthened, and plaque forma­tion discouraged, by a daily evening rinse with Horsechestnut (Aesculus cortex) Extract. After thoroughly cleaning the teeth at the end of the day, prepare a so­lution of 5-10 drops of Horsechestnut Extract in one ounce of water and divide into two portions. Take one portion and rinse intensely for at least one minute. Then expectorate and repeat with the sec­ond portion.

Horsechestnut is also very helpful in maintaining a balance between the wa­tery, up-building, processes and the sculpting, mineralizing processes taking place between mother and fetus. A har­monization of these processes can be en­hanced by taking Aesculus cortex 50X, five drops, once or twice a week.

Another common occurrence during pregnancy is the sensitivity and diffuse pain in the teeth due to the increased vi­talizing forces mentioned above. This can be helped by administering Fluorite 10X or 20X for several weeks.

All of these measures must be ac­companied by optimal nutrition consist­ing of whole foods full of vitality (bio­dynamically grown where possible.) A sound nutritional program can be sup­ported by the addition of Weleda's Calcon AM and Calcon PM, which mas­terfully enhance calcium metabolism andproper bone and tooth formation.

Another nutritional supplement, es­pecially helpful for people living in pre­dominantly limestone-rich areas where soil and water may be relatively low in silica, is Wala/Dr. Hauschka's Silica Powder. This specially prepared nutri­tive form of silica supports the balance between the fluoride and magnesium processes which interact to forma tooth, besides enhancing other silica processes in skin, hair and connective tissues.

During pregnancy one must remem­ber that the primary (baby) teeth are al­ready almost half-formed within the jaws of the infant at birth. The primary teeth are the foundation for the incoming per­manent teeth and one of the indicators of the quality of the body's mineral pro­cesses. When an imbalance in these pro­cesses is observed by a dentist or physi­cian, preventive measures can be intro­duced while the permanent teeth are still being formed, to bring about a healthy equilibrium of these forces and to en­hance proper tooth formation.

Dr Nina Mihaychuk received her D.M.D. in 1985 and completed her specialization in Endodon­tics in 1987. She is certified in the Sensitive Crystallization method of E.E. Pfeiffer and com­pleted the Introduction to An­throposophical Medicine Train­ing at the Lukas Klinik in Arlesheim, Switzerland. She spends time with her alternative healing and endodontic practice and her home with her husband and young daughter.

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