Healing Through Art

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By: Helen Chamberlain
For the past year and a half, a few American women have been making their way across thousands of miles to attend a painting therapy school, the Emerald Foundation, founded by Josine Hutchison-deLanoy Meijer, painting therapist, and Dr. Paul Hutchison in Den Haag, Holland. This painting therapy, using light, darkness and color, is based on the guidance and genius of Liane Coll'ot d'Herbois,* who, at eighty seven, resides and still paints in Driebergen, Holland, a one hour drive from the Emerald Foundation's studios in Den Haag.

Mrs. d'Herbois developed her painting therapy after en­countering Anthroposophy in her twenties. This stimulated and "crystallized" her thinking about the organization of color through the forces of light and darkness. Working in close co-operation with the physicians Ita Wegman and Hilma Walter, the work expanded throughout Europe with many students and followers of Mrs. d'Herbois giving validation to her work.

The revealing results: that there is a tangible bridge between spirit and practi­cal life, and between the artistic and the medical.

If color is to become medicine, its origins in the form of light and darkness must be traced, again in connection with the human being.

All of us have our own inner rainbow which places us between light and dark­ness, spirit and body, allowing the indi­vidual to break through to knowledge of the spirit and to new methods of healing. This inner rainbow, and the movements of the soul (corresponding to color in the world around us) are often eroded, lead­ing to a destruction of soul forces and to soul blindness, and to a tendency towards illness. The therapist, working though color, light and darkness can help strengthen and reenliven the soul in a healing way.

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