Chamomile Wrap

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By: Kelly Sutton, M.D. and Thomas Cowan, M.D

Recommended for: Stomachache and pain.
Contraindications: Do not use when there is fever, or infection in any other part of the body.

Boiling water
Chamomile Flowers
Silk/Cotton wrap
Wool wrap
Wringing Towel (tea towel)
Wool blanket

Procedure: Put a handful of chamo­mile in the strainer. Roll the silk wrap from both ends and place it in a bowl. Pour boiling water over the chamo­mile into the bowl with the wrap. Take the wrap out with a fork and put into the wringing cloth. Wring until no longer dripping.

The patient should sit on the blanket with the wool wrap lying flat on top of it. Apply the chamomile wrap as tol­erated, but do not burn. Start at the back and unroll as you move around to the sides. Have the patient lie down on the wool wrap and continue unrolling the hot wrap over belly.

Quickly cover with the wool wrap, then cover the patient with the wool blanket. Be sure that none of the hot wrap is exposed to the air.

Leave on for fifteen minutes. At this point you can remove the whole thing or just the wet wrap, leaving the wool wrap on the patient.

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