The Doctor Speaks: The Flu and Depression

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By: Henry N. Williams, M.D.

Homeopathic Remedies For Varieties of the Flu

Question: All around me people are coughing, sneezing and complaining about the flu. Do you have any suggestions for ho­meopathic remedies that I can take dur­ing this time?

Answer: We have just passed through the season to be jolly, now we have the season of FLU or GRIPPE. What can we do about it? The Ohio State Homeo­pathic Medical Society Newsletter of November recommends these homeo­pathic remedies for different variations of the flu.

DULCAMARA, or bitter-sweet, is used when symptoms come on with a change to damp, cold weather. It is especially good if one gets chilled, wet, or both. It should be given when there is congestion in the nose, whether or not there is a profuse, dis­charge. Also, it is indicated for conditions where there is a discharge from the eyes, a cough that worsens after physical exer­tion, muscle pains in the neck, back, arms, and back, coldness of single parts, (in, fever, and sometimes diarrhea.

HEPAR Sulf  is mentioned for a sensi­tivity to drafts.

HYDRASTIS is given for a burning, profuse nasal discharge from the nose and

KALI Bic. is indicated for aggravations that are active between 2 to 3 am, with tenacious yellow or green discharges.

MERC Sol is used for profuse sweat­ing, foul breath and excess saliva that is worse at night.

NATRUM Mur. is for a typical 10 a.m. aggravation, with a profuse nasal discharge, a loss of taste and smell and frequently comes on with sneezing.

ACONITE Nap. is best used at the onset of a cold and may prevent the flu.

PULSA TILLA Nig. is for a later stage of illness when the secretions are thick, yel­low, profuse, and bland. The patient heals better in the cool open air.

In the past, GELSEMIUM Semp. was the remedy for the flu, but it is not so today. I have found that BRYONIA Alb. is an effective remedy more often in an epidemic.

EUPATORIUM Per., or bone-set, is for the bone pain. One patient, the brother of a Homeopath, found CAMPHOR to help stop a cold or flu.

OSCILLOCCINUM, (Boiron) is a flu aborter.

INFLUDO, a Weleda remedy, is exten­sively used. It is a combination of Aconite, Bryonia, Eupatorium, Phosphorus, and Sabadilla, in low potencies.

GELSEMIUM Comp., (Wala) a mixture of Gelsemurn, Brvonia, and Viviante has worked wonders at the onset of flu in weak and susceptible individuals.

These area few of the remedies that have been found helpful in treating the flu. However, once you have found the remedy that is needed for yourself or one of your family, it may work next time the symptoms recur. Many times, the same remedy, or one related, will do the trick. If you do not get clear results in a day, or if the symp­toms are threatening, I advise you to consult your physician.


Depression: How To Deal With It

Question: How does one deal with depression?

Answer: Every coin has two sides. As individuals, we all tend to have two sides — the bright face up, cheerful, creative side, and the back, negative, melancholic side. We have both; we are both. One we tend to like, the other to fear.

We tend to learn and grow more from our mistakes than from our joys and successes. "We have a right to every­thing we think and feel," to quote Harriet Lerner in her book Dance of Anger. (Harper & Row, 1985). We must clarify who we really are, what is the real underlying cause of our anger and how it can be clearly expressed.

The first suggested step would be to find who you are and what your basic needs are — not the expectations of others. A psychological counselor may be very helpful.

Depression may result from nutritional inadequacy and a nutritional counselor may be able to help. If medication seems indicated in a prolonged or seriously deep depression with suicidal thoughts, a health care practitioner or psychiatrist should be consulted. Homeopathy can frequently find the one substance that mimics the emo­tional, mental, and physical symptoms that you manifest. It should be a well-trained homeopathic practitioner because your problem is serious. To find a physician in your area, call the National Center for Ho­meopathy or PAAM (See Directory).

Many herbal and homeopathic pharma­ceutical manufacturers have combinations that should be considered if the problem is not too serious. These are available in some natural food stores.

Dr. Williams has had a family practice in Pennsylvania for many years. He is a member of the Homeopathic Pharmacopea Convention of the United States, where he serves on the Board of Directors.



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