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  A Case of Psoriasis

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By: Kenneth McAlister, M.D.
Case Reports-Psoriasis.doc

A shy, cerebral five-year old girl presented with a long-standing history of psoriasis and constipation with encopresis. On examination, she was covered from head to foot with the characteristic psoriatic patches. She was prescribed Aquilinum comp., Hepatodoron and Quartz DIG in the morning, ASrgentum D6 in the evening, and Calendula Stibium cream. The mother was instructed to bathe the patient twice weekly in water with olive oil, milk and Plumbum D30 (1 amp). On follow-up one month later, the skin on the sun-exposed areas was much improved, and the truncal lesions were resolving. After four months of treatment, the skin was completely clear except for a few, small patches on the scalp. A diagnosis of megacolon was found underlying the constipation. The encopresis has cleared up using adjuvant conventional therapies, and the constipation is slowly improving to the point where she has a bowel movement every four days instead of every two to three weeks. The child is more outgoing and has brightened considerably since her skin has cleared. 

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