Practical Advice for a Healthy Liver

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By: Charles Ridley, D.C.

Cleansing Herb Teas:
Dandelion leaves, parsley leaf . horsetail plant.
One teaspoon of the herb per fl­ounce cup of water; may be taken morning and evenings,

Cleansing Juice:
Lemon: Take one fresh lemon, juiced in one cup warm water. Drink in the evening.

St. John's wort Oil: Gently massage the liver area just over the lower front right rib cage for one to two minutes. Try to use figure eight patterns in your massaging.

Yarrow: Make a strong tea of yarrow, and let it warm down to 102 degrees. Take a cotton cloth and soak it in the tea. Wring out the cloth and place it folded over the liver area for up to 20 minutes.

Food That Helps Cleanse the Liver:
Endive, garlic, cucumbers, arti­chokes, beets with the greens, papaya,

Exercise to Help Gently Decongest the Liver:
Bend at the waist and gently rotate from the waist in a clockwise direction for twelve revolutions, twice a day.

Soul Exercises:
Observation: practice observing an object for five minutes in every detail. Mentally describe the size, shape, color, texture, and so on, just as it appears to your gaze. Do this, every morning,

Meaningful Work:
Take on a task that you are unfamil­iar with that is both difficult and meaningful, for instance learn how to do carpentry, gardening, sewing, cooking, or mechanical work.

Charles Ridley has a practice in Santa Rosa, CA and also practices in Fair oaks, CA. He can be reached at 707-545-1623.

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