Weleda Gencydo Spray Study

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By: Claudia Rother, Jutta Oexle
Study to establish benefit of Weleda Gencydo Spray with special reference to the dynamics of action. Results of a prospective clinical study


Introduction: One of the most common diseases in the field of immunology is allergic rhinitis, a perennial seasonal condition. Conventional treatment is based on corticoids, antihistamines and nasal mast cell stabilizers.

Weleda Gencydo Spray (1 %; POM) provides an effective approach based on the anthroposophical view of man and nature, combining extracts of lemon (Citrus limon) and quince (Cydonia oblonga).

Methods: Prospective study. Registered physicians in Germany working above all in allergology and natural medicine were asked to study efficacy and tolerance of Weleda Gencydo Spray and specifically the time required to onset of action, observing patients with complication-free allergic rhinitis over a period of two weeks.

Results: 37 physicians recorded the treatment of 140 patients with rhinitis. All symptoms under investigation (nasal secretion, blocked nose, itching nose, sneezing) were markedly reduced during the period of observation. A first effect was apparent within two days in 65 % of patients, with 95 % aware of an effect within 7 days. Rapid onset of action following use of the nasal spray was noted within 20 minutes by just under 80 % of respondents. None of the patients reported undesirable effects of the medicine.

Conclusions: Weleda Gencydo Spray proved convincingly effective, with excellent tolerance, in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, with rapid onset of action.

Non-interventive study
Allergic rhinitis
Rapid action
Good tolerance

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