Tooth Care

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By: Nina Mihaychuk, D.M.D.

Prevention of decay in childhood
Tooth decay is countered by strengthening the etheric life forces. Rudolf Steiner gave stu­dents at the Spiritual Science and Medi­cine Conference in 1920 a wonderfully simple formula. It is Chlorophyll Oint­ment 1% (Weleda) made from nettles which are high in both iron and silica. The ointment is rubbed on the child's lower abdomen. It is a very simple thing; something I would send home in every mother's baby pack. You start after one year at the latest, or when the primary teeth are out, rubbing the ointment from the belly button on down. The only downside is that the pajamas get stained green.

Calcon AM & PM
This plant and min­eral combination was developed by Rudolf Steiner to support min­eral processes through­out the body. It is espe­cially helpful for the proper development of teeth and bones. Calcon is not a calcium supple­ment per se, but allows the body to assimilate cal­cium and other mineral processes properly.

Teething problems in young children
Chamomilla radix 3X has a calm­ing, pain relieving effect. If pain first occurs in the evening, a dropper of chamomile flower tea will be more ef­fective than chamomile medication.

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