Basic Reading List for Physicians

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By: Unknown Author
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Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophical Medicine (PAAM)
1923 Geddes Ave., Ann Arbor, MI, 48104 USA

These books can be obtained from any bookstore willing to order for you; or they can be ordered directly from either SteinerBooks (formerly Anthroposophic Press) (noted SB after the book title) 1-800-856-8664, or; or Mercury Press (MP after the title) 845-425-9357 and leave your message. Or contact the Rudolf Steiner Library (RSL) at

Introductory books for physicians:

Bott, Victor, Spiritual Science and the Art of Healing (Healing Arts Press Concise) Introductory guide for physicians. (Previously available as Anthroposophical Medicine.) (SB)

**Evans, Michael and Roger, Iain, Complete Healing: Regaining Your Health Through Anthroposophical Medicine. Introduction to anthroposophic view of human being and this medical approach, for intelligent general audience—also a good basic overview for doctors who are brand-new to anthroposophic medicine.

Gloeckler, Michaela and Goebel,Wolfgang, A Guide to Child Health (Anthroposophic Press, 1984). Written for parents, a bestseller in Germany; a useful introduction to children’s health issues from an anthroposophic perspective. Appendix contains instructions for parents on compresses, therapeutic baths, etc. (SB)

Husemann, F. and Wolff, Otto, ed. The Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine. Three volumes, first two out of print; Mercury Press has released a newly revised version of volume III. "The Seven Metals" section from Volume II is online at the AnthroMed Library. The complete edition of Volume III is available in the doctor's login section of the AnthroMed Library.

Kienle, G et al, Anthroposophic Medicine (Schattauer, Stuttgart and New York, 2006). Summary of efficacy, costs, safety; review of anthroposophic medicine in contemporary evidence-based form, with comments on research methodology. Obtain from any bookstore, or from PAAM, 1923 Geddes Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, for $20 (discount price) while supply lasts.

Van der Bie, G., and Huber, M., eds., Foundations of Anthroposophical Medicine, Training Manual (Floris Books, 2003)  Essays on method and ideas underlying anthroposophic medicine. Distributed in the US by SteinerBooks. (SB)

By Rudolf Steiner:

Steiner, Rudolf and Wegman, Ita, Fundamentals of Therapy (Mercury Press). Bilingual edition, newly translated by C. van Tellingen. Also available as Extending Practical Medicine (Rudolf Steiner Press), AR Meuss, translator. (SB) (Available on this website: click here)

Steiner, R., Introducing Anthroposophical Medicine (Anthroposophic Press). New translation by C. Creeger. 20 lectures from March 21-April 9, 1920, Dornach, Switzerland. Previously titled, Spiritual Science and Medicine. Referred to as the “First Medical Course” of lectures Steiner gave. (SB)

Steiner, R., Anthroposophical Spiritual Science and Medical Therapy: The Second Medical Course (Mercury Press). 9 lectures, April 11-18, 1921, Dornach. Advanced material; recommended for readers familiar with the subject. (MP)

Steiner, R., Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine (Mercury Press). 4 lectures, October 16-28, 1922, Stuttgart, “Third Medical Course.” (MP) (Available on this website: click here)

Steiner, R., Course for Young Doctors (Mercury Press). 8 lectures, Jan 2-9,1924 and 5 lectures, April 21-25, 1924, Dornach. Contemplative path for doctors. (MP)

Steiner, R., Curative Eurythmy (Anthroposophic Press). 8 lectures, 1921-22, Stuttgart and Dornach. (SB)

Steiner, R., How to Know Higher Worlds (SteinerBooks, Foundational 
Work). Foreword by Arthur Zajonc, translated by Christopher Bamford.
Written in 1904-1905 (CW 10). (SB)

Steiner, R., An Outline of Esoteric Science (SteinerBooks, Foundational Work). Introduction by Clopper Almon, translated by Catherine E. Creeger. Written in 1910 (CW 13). (SB)


Vademecum of Anthroposophic Medicines (CD format). Supplement  to Der Merkurstab, Journal of Anthroposophic Medicine, Volume 62, 2009.  Publisher: Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science, et al. Obtain in US from: Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore or from Merkurstab in Germany.

Pelikan, Wilhelm, Healing Plants (Mercury Press, 1997). Introduction to anthroposophic perspective on medicinal plants; review of ten plant families and their major medicinal genus/species. Illustrations, index, bibliography. (MP)

Rohen, Johannes, Functional Morphology (Adonis Press, 2007). Threefold, holistic detailed discussion of anatomy and physiology by author of conventional anatomy texts.

Steiner, Rudolf and Wegman, Ita, Fundamentals of Therapy. See “By Rudolf Steiner,” above. (Available on this website: click here)

Van Heek-Van Tellingen, Christa, ed., Vademecum: A Handbook of Anthroposophic Medicine (Mercury Press/Medical Section, 2007). Monographs on 45 remedies, 4 major therapies, and some common diagnoses. (Available on this website: click here)

Vogel, Heinz-Hartmut, Finding Remedies; Spiritual Knowledge of Man and Nature (Medizin Verlags GmbH Bad Boll, Germany, 2000). Two volumes. (MP)

Wolff, Otto, Remedies for Typical Diseases (Mercury Press, 1996). Introduction to therapy with the “doron” remedies. (MP) (Available on this website: click here)

External Applications (Mercury Press). Compilation of indications for external treatments (compresses, etc.). (MP)


Current research on anthroposophic medicine: website of the Federation of International Physicians’ Associations. See right-hand column of their homepage.

Anthromed Library: PAAM has a web archive of English-language articles on anthroposophic medicine, with a search function, and links to other relevant sites. or

Merkurstab (Mercury’s Staff) is the German-language journal of anthroposophic medicine. On their website, at are free downloads of English-language versions of special issues of the journal.

The Nature Institute: Renewal of science: perspective on science of living things; back copies of journal “In Context” and other essays on topics including genetic engineering. 20 May Hill Road, Ghent, New York 12075. Telephone: (518) 672-0116, Fax: (518) 672-4270,


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