Anthroposophical Nursing

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By: Unknown Author

Anthroposophical nursing extends the traditional art and science of nursing to reflect a more complete picture of the developing human as an incarnating being of physical body, life body, soul and spirit—in other words, a spiritual being in a human body. This view allows the anthroposophical nurse to address processes not yet fully understood by conventional technology.

Anthroposophical nurses walk with their patients on their unique journey toward healing. They know that the healing process ultimately rests within each individual, whose destiny and freedom is respected at all times.

Anthroposophical nurses provide counseling and guidance. Therapeutic interventions include compresses, poultices, wraps, rhythmical embrocations, hydrotherapy, and inhalations using medicinal botanicals and other natural substances. In-depth understanding of the development of mankind, the four elements (earth, water, fire and air), and the three kingdoms (mineral, plant, and animal) is essential to the practice of anthroposophical nursing. A course of continuing education offers studies in the anthroposophical approach to healing, practical applications and mentoring.

Rudolf Steiner recognized that a true understanding of health and illness would require an evolution of scientific methodology to investigate phenomena not perceptible to the five senses. Steiner and his colleague, Ita Wegman, MD, taught how, through inner development and careful observation, nurses, physicians and other health professionals could care for patients in a manner more accurately assisting the needs of the patient in a wholistic way.

For more information contact the Anthroposophical Nurses Association of America, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

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