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  Book Review: Homeopathy and Human Evolution

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By: Henry N. Williams, M.D.
Homeopathy and Human Evolution by Martin Miles, Winter Press, London 1992

The author has practiced Homeopathy since 1974, was a student of Or. Thomas Maughan of South London, was a founding member of the Society of Homoeopaths in 1977 and co-founder of the London College of Homoeopathy, which teaches lay practitioners.

He sees "...three levels of prescribing: healing the sick, creating health, and creating shining spirits." Practitioners should first treat the imbalance for which they are consulted. This may take time as well as several remedies. Then the constitutional remedy is given. If we give it first, the patient will feel better, but the ailment may not improve.

The title of the book derives from the third level of prescribing, that of treating the miasmatic elements of the patient. This may produce "... aggravations of symptoms or produce acute illness. If possible, these aggravations should not be prescribed for." If prescribing is properly handled, patients will become noticeably more present and able to use the here and now as an effective springboard into the future. They will be more in their body, and comfortably so, and their consciousness about themselves and the world will change vastly." Negative emotions, depression, fear, etc. will disappear, and they will reach their potential, a sunny, creative human being.

"Constitutional remedies often produce aggravations which may be quite unpleasant and may even discourage the patient from continuing treatment. Here, combination remedies or other support... may be used and provide easier passage towards cure. Combination remedies can make good intercurrent remedies where... there is no antidotal or antagonistic relationship to the constitutional remedy that has been prescribed." "When a constitutional remedy begins to flat... a combination remedy may revitalize the case" where another constitutional would spoil the case.

I hope these quotes will provide a flavor of this challenging volume. It is one that will reward any practitioner and professional to study, for it has many questions that must be faced by all of us who too easily fall into routine and dogmatic doctrine.

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