Materials to Support the IPMT Process


Basic Reading List for Physicians Sponsored by PAAM

IPMT 2011 Recommended Oncology Publications Links to the recommended oncology publications in the AnthroMed Library
Lectures from the 2010 PAAM Conference A 26-page transcription of lectures given by Dr. von Laue at the 2010 Annual PAAM Conference

The Development of the Human Body out of the Spiritual World
The Physiology of Normal Development
Transformation of the Etheric in Cancer and Cancer Treatment

Link to the Physician Training Section on the PAAM Website
Metals and Psychotherapy by Rudolf Treichler, MD
Motives for Schooling: The Six Fold Path Part Two "Different motives may prompt us to follow a path of initiation. I will briefly discuss three of them."

PAAM Conference 2010--Eurythmy A transcription of a lecture presented at the 2010 PAAM Conference

Phenomenology Tom van Gelder, a Dutch biologist, created this excellent website based Phenomenology.

The site contains information on the four elements as a basis for observation, the 12 senses, threefoldness, embryology, R. Steiner’s six basic exercises,  and much more. A highly recommended resource for IMPT students.

Sevenfold Bibliography by Adam Blanning, MD

The Seven Metals: Excerpt from Vol II, The Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine Friedrich Husemann & Otto Wolff, MD

The Working of the Planets and Life Processes in Man and Earth by Bernard Lievegoed

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