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Mercury 1

The Art of Healing and the Goddess Natura
by Ita Wegman, M.D.

Therapeutics and Healing as a Life Task

Warmth - Foundation for All Life
by Simeon Pressel, M.D.

Mercury 2

The Life Story of Ita Wegman
by Hilma Walter, M.D.

Rudolf Steiner's Endeavor Towards an Expansion in the Art of Healing
by Ita Wegman, M.D.

The Ego as Healer
by Friedrich Husemann

Physical and Etheric Energies
by Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer

Book Review: "Sensitive Crystallization Procedures," by E.E. Pfeiffer
reviewed by Paul W. Scharff, M.D.

Mercury 3

A Fragment from the History of the Mysteries
by Ita Wegman, M.D.

The Hydraulic Ram and the Movement of the Heart
Friedwart and Gisbert Husemann

The Dedication of the German Weleda Building

Mercury 5

Homeopathy - An Introduction
by L.R. Twentyman, M.B., F.F. Hom.

Immunologic Events in the Service of the Maintenance of the Human Organism
by Rita Leroi, M.D.

by Adolf Ammerschlager

Mercury 6

The Plant and pH
by Erica Sabarth & Paul Scharff, M.D.

What Do We Perceive in the Form and the Development of Crataegus
by Jochen Bockemuehl, Ph.D.

Fear and How to Overcome It
by Johannes Hemleben

The Problem of Life and Potentization in Homeopathy
by L.R. Twentyman, M.B.

Mercury 7

The Heart - A Secondary Organ
by Otto Wolff, M.D.

Life's Resources
by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, M.D. (Hon)

Samuel Hahnemann
by Karl Koenig, M.D.

The Physician Passes Nature's Examination
by Rudolf Hauschka, M.D.

Mercury 8

Idiosyncrasy - Anaphylaxis - Allergy: A Brief History of a Concept
by Willem F. Daems, PhD.

by Olaf Titze, M.D.

On Several Curative Substances for Allergic Diseases
by Johannes Zwiauer, M.D.

An Anthroposophic Approach to the Disease of Cancer

by Heribert Kaufman, M.D.

Mercury 9

AIDS - Occasion for Panic or Reflection?
by Paolo Bavastro, M.D.

AIDS and the I-Organization of Man
by bernardo Kaliks, M.D.

The Nature and I of Man - Towards an Occult Epidemiology in View of AIDS
by Klaus Dumke, M.D.

Mercury 10

The Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine
by Dr. med. Hans Werner

by Dr. med. Rita Leroi

Functional Diagnosis Extended Through Blood Crystallization
by Dr. med. Alla Selawry

The Egyptian Columns and Waldorf Education
by Margaret Frohlich

Mercury 11

A Physiological Proof of the Activity of Smallest Entities
by Lilli Kolisko

About the Effect of Extremely Dilute Substances on Parameciums
by hermann Junker

by Ernst Marti, M.D.

The Homeopathic Principle
by Werner Junge

Mercury 12

by Alice Barton Wulsin, M.D.

The Four Elements
by Dr. med. Friedrich Lorenz

Thoughts and Observations about the Method of Production of Remedies
by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, M.D. (Hon) and Erica Sabarth

The Seven Metals: Their Place in Nature and in the Human Organism
by Dr. med. Heribert Kaufmann

The Idea of Threefolding in Immunological and Inflammatory Reactions
by Dr. med. Matthias Girke

The Formative-Forces Organism in Blood Crystallization Pictures
by Dr. med. Alla Selawry

Mercury 13

Anthroposophically-Extended Medicine
by Paul W. Scharff, M.D.

Homeopathy and Anthroposophical Medicine - Exploring Common Ground
by Paul W. Scharff, M.D. and Richard Leviton

Troxler and Paracelsus
by Peter Heusser, M.D.

Mercury 14

The Rhythmic System - Vol I

Concerning the Phylogenesis of the Respiratory Organs
by Matthias Komp

Concerning the Relation Between Circulatory Blood Flow Movement and Heart Movement
by Hermann Lauboeck

Mercury 15

Concerning the Physiology of Respiration
by Heinrich Brettschneider

Etiologic Polarities of Pulmonary Emphysema
by Matthias Woernle

Mercury 16

Introducing an Unusual Plant
by Gianfranco Grazi, M.D.

Natural Scientific Experiments on Mistletoe
by Konrad Urech, M.D.

Anthroposophical Viewpoints on Mistletoe
by Hans-Richard heiligtag, M.D.

The Practical Application of Mistletoe Therapy with Iscador
by Hans-Richard Heiligtag, M.D.


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