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Journal of Anthroposophical Medicine
The Journal of Anthroposophical Medicine was published in paper format from 1982-1999 by the Medical Section, Goetheanum, School of Spiritual Science, Dornach Switzerland and the Physicians' Association for Anthroposophical Medicine, Ann Arbor, MI.


Volume 15, Nr. 4, Winter 1998

Volume 14, Nr. 4, Winter 1997

Volume 14, Nr. 3, Fall 1997

Volume 14, Nr. 2, Summer 1997

Volume 14, Nr. 1, Spring 1997

Volume 13, Nr. 1, Spring 1996

Volume 13, Nr. 2, Summer 1996

Volume 13, Nr. 3, Fall 1996

Volume 13, Nr. 4, Winter 1996

Volume 12, Nr. 1, Spring 1995

Volume 12, Nr. 2, Summer 1995

Volume 12, Nr. 3, Fall 1995

Volume 12, Nr. 4, Winter 1995

Volume 11, Nr. 4, Winter 1994

Volume 09, Nr. 1, Spring 1992

Volume 11, Nr. 3, Fall 1994

Volume 15, Nr. 1, Spring/Summer 1998

Volume 15, Nr. 2, Autumn 1998

Volume 04, Nr. 1, Spring 1987

Volume 04, Nr. 2, Autumn 1987

Volume 05, Nr. 1, Spring 1988

Volume 05, Nr. 2, Autumn 1988

by Otto Leeser, M.D., Ph.D.

The Solanaceae - I
by Wilhelm Pelikan

The Solanaceae - II
by Wilhelm Pelikan

The Solanaceae - III
by Wilhelm Pelikan

Volume 06, Nr. 1, Spring 1989

Actions and Medicinal Use of Snake-Venoms
by Otto Leeser, M.D., Ph.D.

Snake Venom
by Friedwart Husemann, M.D.

Volume 06, Nr. 2, Autumn 1989

Principles of Action II
by Otto Wolff, M.D.

Substances as Vessels for Forces: Silica
by Otto Wolff, M.D.

Sulphur, A Drug Pictureby L.R. Twentyman, M.B., F.F. Hom

Volume 01, Nr. 2, Winter 1981

by Manfred Weckenmann, M.D.

The Cerebrospinal Fluid II
by Gisbert Husemann, M.D.

The Liliaceae
by Wilhelm Pelikan

True Knowledge of the Human Being as a Foundation for the Art of Medicine
by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman, M.D.

Volume 01, Nr. 1, Summer 1981

Language and Methods of Anthroposophical Medicine
by Thomas Goebel, Hans Broder von Laue

Volume 11, Nr. 1, Spring 1994

Osteoporosis - Pathogenesis and Treatment
by Otto Wolff, M.D.

Remedies from the Three Kingdoms of Nature
by Joop Van Dam, M.D.

Volume 10, Nr. 3, Fall 1993

Equisetum, the Kidney and the Planet Venus
by Friedwart Husemann, M.D.

Volume 7, Nr. 1, Spring 1990

An Introduction to Anthroposophical Medicine
by Rudolf Steiner

Potentization and the Peripheral Forces of Nature
by George Adams, M.A. (Cantab)

Volume 7, Nr. 2, Winter 1990

Out of Which Forces Does the Healing of Man Arise?
by Joop van Dam, M.D.

Connections Between Skin Diseases and Organ Dysfunctions
by Dr. med. A. Selawry-Lippold

Volume 8, Nr. 1, Summer 1991

Chronological Phenomena in Cancerous Diseases
by Hans Broder von Laue and Wolfram Henn

Malignomas in Youth and Old Age
by Peter Heusser

Volume 8, Nr. 2, Fall 1991

Natural Processes and Healing
by Rudolf Steiner

A Basis for the Understanding of Anthroposophical Medicine and Cancer Therapy
by Peter Heusser, M.D.

Therapeutic Colloquium: Tinnitus
by Walter Holtzapfel, M.D.

Volume 8, Nr. 3, Winter 1991-92

Concerning New "Synthetic" Mineral Remedies; According to Indications by Rudolf Steiner
by Walther Cloos

Volume 9, Nr. 3, Autumn 1992

Measles Mortality and Treatment
by Bob C. Witsenburg

Measles Retrospective Analysis in a Pediatric Practice
by karl-Reinhard Kummer

Psychology and Biography of Patients with Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease - A Study (Part I)
by Klaus Fischer and Sibylle Grosshans

Volume 9, Nr. 4, Winter 1992

Psychology and Biography of Patients with Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease - (Part 2)
by Klaus Fischer and Sibylle Grosshans

An Anthroposophical Medical Approach to Cardiac Auscultation
by Kasper Appenzeller


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