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About & Contact


The goal of the AnthroMed Library is to create and continually improve a comprehensive international resource on anthroposophic medicine and therapy and improve public awareness of anthroposophic medicine. Some advanced clinical materials appropriate for clinicians only are available via password which is available to members of PAAM and other international anthroposophic medical organizations.  Please contact PAAM for further information on this subject.


The AnthroMed Library would like to thank Mercury Press for the donation of numerous articles and books available in this archive. Students of anthroposophy are encouraged to visit their website. 

Some information may not represent the opinions of PAAM board members or LILIPOH Magazine. PAAM and AnthroMed Library are not responsible for the content on this site.  It is for informational and research purposes only. None of the contents of this site are meant to be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. To the best of our knowledge all materials on the site appear with permission.


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