Therapeutic Experiences with Sacroiliitis Treatment

As a medical practitioner, one experiences together with the patient, various stages in the course of an illness. A special therapeutic situation probably comes about when the illness of the patient appears in a different guise, occurs again and puts its "question" to the patient in a different way.

Quite recently I got into this situation with a patient, who for years has been treated for colitis ulcerosa, according to the principles of anthroposophical medicine. When trying to understand the chronic infection of the bowels of this patient, the image presents itself of a soul body lacking in earthly maturity, which leads to the fact that the regenerative metabolic forces of the Ego organization do not adequately take the path from the warmth organization via the forces of air. This basic fact of the case history could be rediscovered in the entire appearance of the patient and is confirmed when studying her biography.

Healing of these conditions within the framework of the illness seems to be lengthy: probably one cannot expect to establish a completely normal and healthy situation within a short space of time. In the course of the patient's development, the illness seems to appear in an ever-changing form. It seems like a necessary event along her life's path.

One could experience with my patient that strongly increasing warmth forces seemed to suffocate the equilibrium of the metabolism which had gradually evolved during the treatment. This impression is created especially by forces of initiative, forces of will which arise impulsively and also impulsively appearing feelings. One also finds a striking inclination to overtax her forces due to excessive impulsiveness. This is what is meant here by the overpowering action of the warmth forces. In the functional as well as the physical-bodily realm, similar diagnoses are to be found.

A soul body, which in the course of a biography lacks the physical force to become more and more individualized, acts as a retardant on the sense of movement of the human being. This seems to be the underlying cause of the inflammation of the bowel spreading to the limb organization: the inflammation of the bowel manifests itself in the joints.

A further spreading of the illness can be seen when the small joints of the spinal column, beginning in the sacroiliac region, are included in the inflammatory process. It seems as if the starting point of human uprightness is being drawn into the disease process.

What therapy could help this situation? It would have to be a force which would appeal in a renewed way to the forces of the organism which attract the weak bodily parts to the other bodily members. In addition, the uncontrolled force of warmth of the organism would have to be relieved from its over-activity in the joints, so that these forces could fulfill their healing role in a different part. Finally, a healing principle must be introduced to give the blocked forces in the chronic-inflammation process the possibility of a resolution and transformation.

In this case we work with the substances: Solum Uliginosum, a moor preparation (given intravenously), Equisetum Arvense D15 and Formica D10, injected twice a day, subcutaneously over the sacrum.

The processes needed by the patient could be found in these medicaments: the active forces in the moor preparation, by virtue of its ancient plant forces are able to attract the soul body into the metabolic region, preparing the right ground for it, so that even in a debilitated condition, its qualities can unfold.

Equisetum is able to replace forces of the warmth organism so that these become freed for other areas of the organism. Its pre-eminent relation to the kidney organization makes it understandable that it can help there where the degenerative forces of the soul body are not working strong enough.

The forces of the red ant, as they are evident in formic acid can, when used in the human being, serve the ego-organization. These forces can counteract the lack of activity of the astral body, as is necessary in the case of rheumatic illnesses. (This is described by Rudolf Steiner and Dr Ita Wegman in their book "Grundlegendes" (Fundamentals for an Extension of the Art of Healing, Chapter X VII).

The applied therapy brought rapid results: after approximately three days a marked improvement of the symptoms was evident. Before the treatment, the patient could hardly walk, and had strong pains at night. Soon she could tolerate light weight-bearing and movement. The patient started to take short walks, and was able to sleep without pain at night. After 10 to 14 days of therapy, she only experienced symptoms with excessive weight-bearing (longer walks). Her general condition had been largely restored to normal.

The acute symptoms could be healed in such a way, whereby one could clearly experience that the three medicaments described above had helped with the question of finding a new way to the healing of the illness of the bowel infection. The therapeutic success described, is only an interim phase of a distinctly longer lasting healing process.

Christian Grah, Doctor
Op n Hainholt 58a
D-22589 Hamburg

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