Zodiac and Joints

The joints are located in different zones of the body that relate to specific zodiacal aspects. We must turn to these if we want to achieve regeneration in the treatment of joints. A joint is also a site where two bones meet, enveloped in a capsule, a small organism of its own, that may become inflamed (effusion) and degenerate (dry joint, sclerotic changes in cartilage). The joints are peripheral hearts, we might say. Two blood streams meet in the heart, two bones in a joint. They are subject to gold. 

Having a synovial membrane and hood-like cartilage and having to produce the synovial fluid, joints belong to the liver's sphere of activity which includes the regulation of body fluids. In this they are subject to tin. According to Rudolf Hauschka, particular chemical elements also relate to different parts of the zodiac. 

These basic ideas have proved very helpful to me in more than 15 years' practice. The treatment of joints may be approached by using the three sub- stances gold, tin and the zodiacal element. The three will need to be comple- mented with "medicines for rheumatism" which are often also medicines for the liver. Here, one may think of Bryonia, Bryonia/Stannum (Wala), Stannum iodatum, Mandragora, Mandragora comp. (Weleda), Rhus tox., Rhus tox comp.Meniscus, Kalium acet. comp. (Weleda), Colchicum, Ledum, Rhodo- dendron, Spiraea ulm., Dnicamara, Apis, Formica and, if indicated, the relevant Wala joint preparations; the latter influence the etheric aspect of joints and hence ultimately the liver sphere, a major site for the etheric in the organism. (Wala), 

Gem therapy of the joints, utilizing zodiacal qualities, may also be men- tioned, and last but not least oil dispersion baths with Terebinthina, Petra cruda,and Arnica, Equisetum or Aesculus. 

The armamentarium is extensive, therefore. 

In the individual case, treatment may be as follows. 

Osteoarthritis of the hip joint 

Aurum prep. because the hip is a joint. lOx because it is part of the metabolic aspect of the leg, even if the hip has rhythmic functions, like any joint. 

Stannum prep. because the cartilage has been affected and needs to be regenerated, 15x because cartilage as such is a mercurial element between chondritis (effusion) and chondrosis. 

Calc. carb. because the joint is in the Libra region, = Conchae, 6x because the hip is part of the metabolic region of the leg and in physical terms the Libra region belongs to the most earthy part of the body. 

Rp.Aurum prep. DIO/Conchae 6{7)x/Stannum prep. 15x aa trit. Weleda, or also by local s.c. injection, which in this case is in the Libra region. Anti- rheumatic medication if indicated, esp. Rhus tox. or Rhus tox. comp. Wala s.c. or pillules if temporarily better from movement. 

Osteoarthritis of the knee 

Aurum prep. lOx v.s., Stannum prep. 15x v.s., 

Alumen romamim because the knee joint is in the Capricorn region, 15x because it is still a rhythmic element, in a completely different way, and really already part of the leg's rhythmic system. 

Rp.Aurum prep. 1-x/Aesculus cort. 15x - Alumen 15 x aa/ Stannum prep. D15 aa s.c. locally and also per os, esp. for follow-up. 

It will do no harm to include Aesculus cort.; quite the contrary, for chronic processes are determined by or concomitant with venous stasis. This is especially the case with the knee joint and clearly in evidence, for instance, in many women. 

Osteoarthritis of the elbow 
This is a rare condition but may be treated using the same basic principles as Osteoarthritis of the knee, including prodromal stages and distortion, the elbow also being in the Capricorn region. 

Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint 

Aurum prep. 12-15x v.s., slightly higher potency since the arm and therefore the shoulder belong to the rhythmic part of the whole human being. 

Stannum prep. 15x v.s. 

Pyrites = Fe sulfide because the shoulder is in the Gemini region, which relates to sulfur; as the whole is part of the arm, iron sulfide. R. Steiner on 24 Apr. 1920 (GA 201): "the meeting point for the upper limbs in the region of the larynx relates to Mars". 

15x v.s., locally in Gemini region or also as mixed trit. by Weleda. 

Humeroscapular periarthritis needs to be treated differently as it involves the articular capsule. I use Arnica Betula comp.Mandragora comp. Weleda may be used in addition; if it will not work at all, also add Urticaferro culta 2x. Weleda, injecting it directly close to the capsule.

Ankles and wrists 

These are in the Pisces region, which relates to the halogens. The zodiacal preparation I use is: 

Ferrum iod. because the arm is governed by Mars, 12-20x because the wrist is part of the neurosensory part of the arm, quite apart from the fact that the arm function is rhythmic. 

Aurum prep. 10-15x v.s. 

Stannum prep. 15x v.s. 

If this does not work, one may consider Ferrum sescjuichlor., in the same potency as for Ferrnm iod. above. 

In my 79th year, I had a painful osteoarthritic condition in the thumb (both joints) and metacarpal bone of the 1st and 2nd rays, with radiological evidence, with the thumb and ball of thumb about twice the size that they were on the other side. This regressed completely with Aurum prep. lOx + Stannum prep. 15x + Ferrum iod. 12x. Weleda do not offer Ferrum iod., but it may be obtained from reputable homeopathic pharmaceutical firms (e.g. DHU or Stauffen Pharma Goppingen). 

To treat an ankle, one would have to use silver (R. Steiner, GA 201, 25 Apr. 1920: "the point of origin for the lower limbs relates to the Moon"), but the salts are not easy to obtain. Argentum iod. is, however, available from Stauffen Pharma Goppingen. Other medicines as above. 

Interestingly enough, the temporomandibular joint is a double one. The fossa of the temporal bone as the functional end point of the upper jaw (arm in previous incarnation) articulates with the head of the lower jaw (= leg in previous incarnation) in such a way that between them lies cartilage firmly fused with the articular capsule shaped like a head in its superior aspect and an acetabulum below. The temporomandibular joint thus combines the shoulder and hip joints of the previous incarnation in itself, as it were. One has to see how one manages with Conchae, Pyrites and Aurum. It may also be necessary to use Corallium rubrum instead of Conchae Pyrites and indicated anti-rheumatic preparations. It is unlikely to be osteoarthritis in this joint, but certainly there is pain connected with old age or recurrent dislocation. 

Hermfried Kunze, MD Meisenweg 24 D-24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg Germany



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